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  • Maureen

    Been reading through all your posts and trust me, as Gran to a beautiful wee girl with cloaca and I.A. I know how you feel. Our girl recently had her reconstructive surgery at Sick Kids Hospital here in Toronto. We have an awesome team who share in her care. We were truly blessed that she only needed a colostomy and that her team has high hopes that once her second surgery is done that she will be just like a “normal little girl”.

    I’m lighting a healing candle and saying a prayer for you and your daughter, with hopes that soon all will be well with your wee girl.
    Cheers from the Great White North Sweetie!

  • aloha

    thanks! just read your blog. it was very empowering. you are right it was very overwhelming and it still is especially if i would think about the upcoming surgeries. i am excited and dreading for that day. but it helps to know that there are many other families who has to deal with the same situation that we have to go thru. all the best for S and the family. X πŸ˜›

  • Loran

    Hi what a great story and great thing to do..My daughter was born with cloaca in janurary 2014 and I too spread the same thoughts as you..It was such a heartbreaking time for me and my family ,I like your idea of creating your journey because you really feel so alone..Just to let you know their is a great Facebook page for cloaca with really great info and they have just created a ribbon for cloaca it’s light brown with pink dots..hopeing your daughter is doing well now xx

  • Silvana

    Wow, what a beautiful story to read!! You are an incredible and amazing mother and I’m so happy for your beautiful little girl to read this story on day. She is so very lucky to have you and it’s because of your love and determination that she is the strong little S she turned out to be. Little S is so beautiful and I just want to send love & happy vibes to this amazing family!! xx

  • What a touching story and what a brave Mammy you are for sharing. S is a fighter just like her parents. She is beautiful inside and out and is a credit to her family. Thanks for sharing and helping me to understand properly.

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